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Patiala Babes 29th May 2019 Written Episode

Patiala Babes 29th May 2019 Written Episode

Quick Summary

Hanuman indirectly expresses his feelings to Babita. Babita recalls her definition of true love that she told Minnie and realizes her relationship with Hanuman is going same way. She indirectly rejects his proposal saying Minnie won’t like it / it won’t be good for her.

Ashok’s family plans to cancel wedding party to save money. Howver, from Ashok-Meeta fight, they find out that Meeta is pregnant. Hence, they decide to keep the party and announce their marriage to everyone.

Nayeem Bi tells Babita to accept her feelings. Hanuman is very nice guy. She says she knows he is good guy and that is why she doesn’t want to lose him by creating complications for him. Nayeem Bi then tells her to think about her future, after Minnie gets married. But Babita says she lives for Minnie only. It doesn’t matter whether Minnie stays with her or no. She wants to set good example for Minnie unlike Ashok.

Khatri opens a new hotel business using similar name as Babita’s catering business which will be managed by Kammo and Madhu. This angers Minnie, Babita, Nayeem Bi, but they can’t do anything as Khatri didn’t do anything against the law.

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